Luthy Metals has been providing quality metal products for Central Michigan builders and homeowners since 2006.

Our Story

Brothers Reuben and Ezra Luthy, started Luthy Metal Sales in 2005. The business grew quickly due to their commitment to fast, efficient, and honest service. They built additions to the original building and increased their workforce to meet demand. In 2016, Luthy Metals was purchased by Ken Nelson, the current owner. His goal is to continue to build on the foundation that made Luthy Metal Sales successful. Luthy Metal Sales will provide quality products quickly and accurately with honesty and integrity.
We continue to add state of the art equipment and improve systems. Our new computer program, Quickbooks Metal Shop, improves our order entry and manufacturing efficiency. A new steel slitter helps us create a near perfect trim blank. We added a condensation felt applicator that improves the quality of our installed felt. Cranes on our trailers allow for quick, safe, and damage free deliveries In 2020, a new panel will be introduced.
As we continue to grow, we will not forget what got us here: Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Speed.

Exceptional Quality.

Competitive Pricing.

First-Rate Service.


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